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Soup utensils are very important. What kind of pot is best for soup?

Time:2022-05-10 17:49:09

There is a bowl of steaming fresh soup on the table, which often makes people salivate. Especially in winter and spring, the soup can not only help people keep warm, but also make people's appetite.

There are many other benefits of drinking soup:

(1) Chicken soup against colds: The special nutrients in chicken soup, especially hen soup, can speed up the blood circulation of the throat and bronchial mucosa, enhance the secretion of mucus, remove respiratory viruses in time, and have a unique preventive effect on colds and bronchitis.

(2) Anti-aging bone soup: The special nutrients and collagen in bone soup can clear the microcirculation. The 10-year period between the age of 50 and the age of 9 is a turning point in the microcirculation of the human body from prosperity to decline. The aging speed is fast. Drinking more bone soup can often achieve effects that are difficult to achieve with drugs.

(3) Fish soup prevents asthma: There is a special fatty acid in fish soup, which has anti-inflammatory effect, which can prevent inflammation of the respiratory tract and prevent asthma attacks, which is the most beneficial to children with asthma.

(4) Anti-pollution of vegetable soup: All kinds of fresh vegetables contain a large amount of alkaline components, which are dissolved in the soup. Drinking vegetable soup can make the blood in the body to be in a normal weak alkaline state, prevent the blood from acidifying, and make the blood deposited in the cells. Contaminants or toxic substances are redissolved and excreted in urine.

(5) Kelp soup to keep out the cold: Kelp contains a lot of iodine, and iodine contributes to the synthesis of thyroid hormones and has a thermogenic effect. Because it can speed up the oxidation process of tissue cells, improve the basic metabolism of the human body, and accelerate the blood flow of the skin, it can reduce the cold feeling.

When making soup, the choice of utensils is very important

Some people think that a wok can do everything, but this view is wrong. Each stock pot has its own unique function. Such as: traditionally, it is better to choose a fine-textured casserole for soup; the enamel of inferior casserole contains a small amount of lead, and cooking acidic food is easy to dissolve into the food, causing harm to the body: the inner wall of the white ceramic pot is very easy to use; new Do not use the casserole directly to cook soup. For the first time, it is best to apply a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot, wash it and boil it once after leaving it for a day.

If you want to save money and time to cook a pot of delicious soup, you must first understand the types of soup tools and how to use them correctly.

Casserole (there are also special electric casserole and induction cooker special casserole)

Using a casserole to make soup can keep the original taste. The casserole is resistant to high temperature and can be simmered for a long time. Casserole can make the soup rich and delicious without losing the original nutrients, but it has poor thermal conductivity and is easy to crack. It is best not to use the new casserole directly, it must be processed before it can be reused.

Crock Pot

The effect of making fresh soup is best when simmered in an aged clay pot. The crock pot is made of clay, which is made of quartz, feldspar, clay and other raw materials that are not easy to transfer heat, and is fired at high temperature. It has good ventilation and adsorption, and also has the characteristics of uniform heat transfer and slow heat dissipation. When simmering fresh soup, the crock pot can transfer the external heat energy to the internal raw materials in a balanced and lasting manner. The balanced ambient temperature is conducive to the mutual penetration of water molecules and food. The longer this mutual penetration is maintained, the fresher The more fragrant ingredients overflow, the more fresh and mellow the simmered soup will be, and the more flaky the simmered food will be.

        stainless steel soup pot

Stainless steel pots can also be used to make soups. It is characterized by large capacity and resistance to cooking. It can be used to cook soups such as chicken soup and pork rib soup that need to be boiled for a long time. The soup cooked in this pot is relatively light, unlike the soup cooked in a casserole. . It is not advisable to use a stainless steel pot to cook some soups with Chinese herbal medicines, because Chinese medicines contain a lot of alkaloids, which will chemically react with stainless steel during the heating process, affecting the medicinal effect of the soup.

The pressure cooker can quickly cook the soup in the shortest time without destroying the nutrition. It saves fire and electricity. It is suitable for cooking raw materials with tough texture and not easy to boil. However, the food placed in the pressure cooker should not exceed the highest water level in the pot, so as to avoid insufficient internal pressure and the food cannot be cooked quickly.

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