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How to remove the rust?

Time:2022-05-10 17:47:47

The solution
1. vinegar: vinegar can remove rust.Is very effective.The pot hot first, turn off the heat.Use dishcloth, stained with some vinegar is wiped directly rust parts.Generally the rust will fall off right away.

2. lard method: lard oil is rich in oil, need not fear in rust.Fat pork in the pot, don't drain.When the pork oil boil inside out, to continue.The pot inside are coated with lard oil.

3. the water that clean out rice, rice water decontamination effect is very strong.With heavy rice water immersion of the first two or three hours.
To boil the water that clean out rice, in the process of burning with iron cloth, bit by bit.After rub pot, such as the water boiled rice.Rice washing water, cool, pour out.Then clean it with clean water.

4. steel ball, steel balls can remove the stolen goods.With steel rust cleaned slowly off, wash clean.
The pot pour a small amount of oil heating, slowly rotating Ma Shao, let oil covering all parts of the pot.Heated to smoke, again and again for more than a few times, it is not easy to rust.
5. sand paper or grindstone;Use them to rust removal is very quick, thorough.Use sand paper or grindstone grinding the rust off.Clear water is rinsed clean.

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